Wednesday, August 17, 2016

RAMADHAN...make DUA during Ramadhan

One problem some people find with writing Ramadan Dua lists is making them so long that making Dua becomes tedious.

Here’s how to sidestep that issue in two parts...

First, let’s talk about the MASTER list.

Add everything here. To make sure you got it covered, break it down to slices of life:

Akhirah, deen, family, career, wealth, health, friends, fun, ummah….

Second, extract 6 DREAM Duas that are about you. They must be things you want achieved in the next year, which means they must be Dunya related.

*Side note* you can make any Dunya Dua connected to the Akhirah. If your dream is to own a beautiful 5-bedroom home, you can add, “and make it a means to always thank you ya Allah.”

Here’s the strategy…

Your MASTER list can be made in chunks throughout the night. Once. Every night.

Your DREAM Duas are to be made at every chance you get - in Salah, throughout the day, at iftar time, when it rains, the last hour on Friday…. pretty much any time we know Duas are answered.

The beauty of this is that your DREAM list is short, quick, and all about your development in the upcoming year. That makes you EXCITED to make Dua!


Do this now. Go somewhere quiet and inspiring to start writing out your lists.

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level
~Muhammad Alshareef

P.S. Extracting your Dream Duas isn’t as easy as it seems. There are 5 essential steps of which the first is discovering what your heart truly wants.

Find out more about the formula that will quite literally upgrade your life:

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