Monday, January 31, 2011


oooo, I was so excited when I found this cute doll at the Mid Valley Megamall!! Never thought that it is here in Malaysia, since it is the character from a Japanese cartoon and it is not famous here... Well, unlike Shin Chan or Dragon-Balls characters, those characters are well-known here..

so cute

comes in different size, but still I don't hv the money for the small one..

anyway, I didn't buy the doll because it is expensive (to me, as a stingy girl) & besides that, it's because I wanna save the money for the pizza, which I was craving for after watching Tom (from the cartoon Tom & Jerry show) ate a slice of pizza...well, a media really plays a big role, you don't need the commercial to get people attentions, even a cartoon can do it too..

It is 2011, a whole new Rabbit Year, I just wanna wish all the Chinese people & to my Chinese family,
HAPPY LUNAR YEAR...&... GonG Xi Fa CaI.. (^.^)
Gong Xi Fa Cai

Sweet but not honey,
Precious but not money,
Bright but not sunshine,
Improves with time but not wine,
Don’t know..?
It’s friendship <3 <3
Friendship is your biggest treasure

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Masterchef at such a young age..

I'm watching the " Junior Masterchef Austrialian" right now, a cooking reality show in StarWorld, Astro...I was soooooooooooo shocked because I thought their age is from 20 and above but NO! They are just a bunch of kids age 8-15 years old...The way they cook and the food they made are like made of by pro-Chefs!!!

Junior MasterChef Australia is an Australian competitive cooking game show. It is a spin-off of MasterChef Australia, itself an adaptation of the British show MasterChef, and features contestants aged 8 to 13. Over 5,000 children from around the nation auditioned for the series, from whom 50 semi-finalists were selected, 12 of whom competed in the final series.

50 gifted children

One of the contestant, an 11-year old young boy made a 'Chicken Roulade', & I was like, what the hell is that..???!!! Others made Chicken Pie, Chicken Tourage, use Radicchio, Nonna's Cotolette... I never even heard of them all... All of them are very talented, & gifted.. I wish I could be like that too..well starting today,
I'm gonna cook more, and more so that at least I am not suck when it comes to cooking.. Ganbatte!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keep in mind that I love you...

What a guy would say to a wonderful girl or woman whom he really in love with from the bottom of his heart, mind & soul, yet unable to be with her because of fate..???
It breaks your heart & to endure the pain of the broken heart certainly, it takes a lot of time to be healed..
Is there a guy who have the courage to say this..??

Well..well, how do I say this?
Maybe, from the moment I decided to send this video message to you, I thought perhaps you are waiting to hear for a happy story from me rather than listen to my sad and heart-rending talk, and make you cry.
Well…actually from the moment I decided to tell myself that I love you, I knew that I am the luckiest person in the world. after all, things like what I couldn’t talk or say to you before,
For example, I thought about letting out my tears which I’ve been holding on until then..even thought I had sad and painful feelings, for not being able to be by your side and hold you,
I thought I should be honest and straightforward in front of you at least once and…we do wanted to see and hear each other, right?
So I frankly let all of my emotions out. But when I do that, your teary face that I saw from here where I stand made me very sad. I thought I shouldn’t be crying in front of you. This will be the last time you will see the tracks of my tears. So when you are far away I thought of to let myself accept the fate like what you said to me before. I know that we love each other so much, and I thank you for giving me the chance to love and be loved by such a wonderful person.
At least here, if I showed my smiles and showed you that I am having fun while dancing with everyone, I thought you would surely be happier, like you want me to.
Well, honestly, it has been one year since I say the things inside my feeling, and I miss that moment. I think everyone also has a lot of things to say. I think the few minutes we had at that time was much shorter compared to those times you’ve been patient waiting to hear those three words coming out from my mouth. But even the short times… I can’t express this very well, but…Perhaps, even when we just look at each other, and we were able to see each other smiles, I think that thing alone would be a meaning to have to know each other. Life must go on, and I must move on, although there is an emptiness inside my heart, and I tried to ignore it but I just couldn't for the moment.
I had a lot of fun when you were by my side. Your smiling and cheerful face with the pure feeling, and not tired of supporting me each time I have problems, just that pure feeling you have makes me really happy and glad for having to receive your love. I want to keep that feeling and moments in my mind always, and hope to accept the fate and I want to do my best in doing the best in my life, and find someone that is meant for me someday. Please give me your support forever.
Thank you very much.
Now, I hope that this video that I made will cheer you up each time you are facing troubles and hardship. Again, this is the video which I put my feelings into, and hope the song will make both of us smile always. Like you always said, smile is the beginning of love.
Kitte kudasai, and I thank God for letting me get the chance to know a wonderful person like you".
~To the one that I love~

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Words from the future leader..

Leaders who make critical decisions that affect the future must listen to the voice of the young, as they will be inheriting the world that these leaders leave behind.

Blink twice & here's 2011

This new year eve is different compared to the previous one..For the 1st time I celebrate this new year eve  outside...Usually I would just stay at home, watch the fireworks through the window of my house, or just straight away go to bed rather than wasting my time waiting for the new years eve..I was planning update my literature review last night but my cousins insist me to go to Putrajaya to celebrate, but found out that there was nothing much there, & no fireworks..We ended up watching our other cousin in an Inter-park cycling even at Putrajaya... I promised to bring them to Dataran Merdeka next year, well, as long as I'm not married yet.. =)

What was the best thing that has ever happened to you in 2010?? many people can answer this easily but I can't answer it, yet..well, they might not be the best moment but I still appreciate them all..
1- my 2nd bro got married, & now her wife is pregnant..
2- got the chance to meet my step-mother for the 1st time..
3- I used to hate neurological cases in Physiotherapy, but now I want to become an expert in it..
4- Finally I am more open to sincerely love someone & be loved..
5- Gain 3kgs..hate it (,~_~) but I still appreciate it ..
6- I respect my friends & others' opinions more..
7- Join & I enjoy more in social activities..
8-  Become a real Cassiopiea for DBSK for sure..
9- I have my own car, (Cassie)
10- Own a blog..

And what's next for 2011...?? (^_^)
- join a dance club @ shah alam..
- mount climbing
- buy a bike & join the Inter-Park Cycling at Putrajaya @ cycling around Puchong city..(in my dream)
- get married..?? i don't think so..
- learn more dance routine..
- graduated, & get a job as a physiotherapist..
- 恋に落ちる,  恋する ~ ~ ~ 恋愛

Whatever may happen, I hope this year will be a better year for me..
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone..!!!
That's me on the left & Yoko-onechan making our own tasted sooooo good!!