Monday, February 28, 2011

Hari yg tension utk tulis blog..

Hari ini smua serba x kena..aku & geng2 research kena dok kat makmal komputer utk siapkan kerja yg supervisor bg, tp smua xde mood..pakat bukak blog sndiri, ada yg baca blog org lain (blog si Khairul Fahmi, yaks!!), ada yg bukak facebook..smua xde mood walaupun exam dh habis..
Doakan la semoga kami mendapat petunjuk Hidayah utk siapkan research ktorg..
Semakin hari semakin nyk barang2 branded yg aku minat...sebelum ni aku langsung x minat dgn brg2 yg ada jenama sbb mahal, sbb aku ni dasar kedekut, taik idung masin & pahit...keluarga aku pun dh kenal perangai aku ni mcm mn..klau ada org beli brg2mahal pun aku kutuk2, & NAH!!! skrg aku dh berjangkit..
Mampus duit brg2 yg aku nak tu pun aku x mampu nak beli, jadi mampu tgk gmbr je laaa..Nak beli, dalam mimpi!!

ni la brg2 yg aku idamkan, tp x mampu~~~
Ducati motorbike

Honda City

Lollipop LG, made in Korea

Sembonia, purse

Sembonia Handbag

Evisu Sweater
"Love the model <3"

Evisu Jeans

I wanna buy both the sweater & the model.. ^_^

In your dream
Dengan senyuman, kau luluhkan hatiku…
dengan senyuman, kau perlihatkan dunia padaku….
hanya dengan sebuah senyuman….
kau berikan aku kesedaran…
begitu indah cerita hidupku oleh senyummu…..
~Smile is the Beginning of Love~
愛し君へ ♥

I've been keeping these words for years... I realized that I like a guy who has a pure beautiful smile, well not always but most of the time, I do..haha~
Some people smile because they are happy and do not have any problems, but some people smile, in other word 'put a fake smile' just to let other people know that they are fine, although they are hurt & carrying a heavy load on their back..
A long time ago, there's a boy who always smile everytime there's a problem, & whenever he was hit by his step-parents, he just smiled~hoping that they will stop hitting him..It must be very hard to smile when we are in pain & living in a life that has a lot of problems..Since then I always tell myself that "when you are in trouble or whenever you are feeling down, you are not the worst & unluckiest person at all because you are a strong girl"..
The word "smile" has led me to become an optimistic person, but you can't be 100% optimistic all the time as a human being..People may see me as a tough girl, hard to cry & seems cool when there's a problem @ exam..Well, I'm still a normal girl and there's a weak side of me that only some people could see it..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love your brain, love your cell-phone

Fears concerning the possible dangers of prolonged cell-phone use won't go away, despite numerous studies showing no conclusive link between cell phones and brain tumors or cancer.
Now new data from the National Institutes of Health suggesting that cell phone radiation boosts brain activity is poised to stir the debate even further.
Researchers used PET scans to measure brain activity in 47 participants when they had cell phones held to their ears in both off and on but muted positions and found that exposure to an in-use cell phone for more than 50 minutes increased brain activity by about 7 percent in the regions closes to the antenna. This suggests that while no link has been proven between adverse health effects and cell phone radiation, the human brain is sensitive in some way to the electromagnetic waves coming off of a cell phone.
~~ oooo..Lollipop LG phone..I wish I have the blue one ~~
But sensitivity does not equal harm or an increased risk of cancer, and it may even turn out that the ability of this radiation to boost brain activity could have therapeutic effects. Well, I guess I can use the cell-phone to treat my stroke patients. ^_^
The largest-ever study of cell phones, known as the Interphone study, released its long-term results in May of 2010 and found no increased risk for benign or cancerous brain tumors, except at its highest level of use, a level deemed "implausible" as a comparison to real-life by the investigators. Even this link was only seen with benign tumors, not with cancer.
So why does the fear of cell phones' frying our brains still persist? Well, I still have that kind of fear..hahaha!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poem of the day..

A lovely song sang by Kim Junsu in "Dangerous Love" drama...his soft & soulful voice makes the words sounds more romantic..

Passing a snowy & lonely night,
The sounding of the clock tower at dawn drifts by from afar,
Don’t tell me that one person’s love is very sad,
The love I feel for you is only mine,
Because of loneliness, my heart aches,
But I will still love that kind of pain.

When you left,
Your appearance is going to be the same,
I don’t want to comfort myself with lies anymore,
I knew love for the first time,
I’m going to find you,
Now I felt that I’m living for you.