Monday, August 15, 2011

Song of the Day

::: the tranz of the song :::

~Back to Tomorrow~
A solitary flower in bloom in a tree, so fragile but proud
Looking at you full of youthful zest, tears are beginning to overflow
Let’s walk the long road, once again from the beginning
Tomorrow should shine BACK BACK BACK now, please BACK BACK BACK with me
Should surely shine again BACK BACK BACK together BACK BACK BACK with you

Thursday, July 21, 2011

~Quotes of the day~

People mature as they become more humble

Those who are less complaining are more successful

Sunday, July 3, 2011

~Words of the day~

 can’t u see that when I find you, I find me…
I need you to know today, I’ll wait for you always.

I want you to know today, I’ll wait for you always.
Cause when I find you, I find me..

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~Words from Yun Ho~

"Good appearance doesn’t make a real man."

"The important thing is to do your best to keep your promises. A real man should show his faith in action than words".

Monday, June 20, 2011

~~Kenangan ku bersama mu~~

di kala mataku sudah keletihan setelah menamatkan sebuah novel cinta, aku termenung di hadapan cermin mekap sambil menyanyi.. aku merenung pada wangian untuk bilik yang baru ku beli..

lama aku meneliti gambar bunga pada bekas itu, & aku mencium bau harumannya, seperti yang aku selalu lakukan di saat aku pulang ke rumah.. tetapi, kali ini perasaan ku lain tatkala mencium betapa harumnya wangian ini.. di saat itu, aku mula sedar yang haruman ini adalah haruman bunga melor yang selalu ku cium sewaktu zaman persekolahanku.. 

setiap pagi sebelum ke sekolah, aku dan ibuku masing2 sibuk memetik bunga melor pada pokok di halaman rumahku.. setiap kuntum yang ku petik akan ku cium baunya, & semuanya akan ku bawa ke sekolah untuk diletakkan di dalam kelas..
seminggu masa yang diambil untuk mengingatkan aku tentang di mana & bila pernah ku mencium bau haruman wangian itu.."macam pernah cium la bau ni, tapi apa ye"~~~ inilah persoalan yang selalu timbul di fikiranku..
banyak memori lama bersama ibuku di waktu pagi kembali ke fikiranku.. aku mula teramat merindui dia sekarang..

ibuku lah orang yang paling bersemangat di waktu pagi, terutamanya kalau hari dapat gaji..Subuh-subuh dah start motormerah dia, & merempit di Jalan Telipot yang masih sunyi ke Bank Muamalat untuk mengambil gajinya..gajinya tidaklah seberapa, tetapi sudah cukup untuk membuatkan dia bersemangat untuk membayar bil2 di rumah, untuk perbelanjaan rumah..tidak juga dia lupa untuk bersedekah kepada org2 kampung, sekolahnya.. duit bulanan yang diberikan oleh bapaku, walaupun beribu-ribu ringgit, tetap akan habis.. ke mana habisnya?? bukanlah barang2 kemas, baju2 baru yang berjenama, beg tangan, jam tangan berjenama yang mahal, handset mahal...semuanya bukan brg2 yg ibuku gemari, malah dia tak suka memakai beg tangan..hanya dompet dijadikan tempat menyimpan wangnya, & poket seluar atau baju kurung menjadi tempat dompetnya disimpan tatkala dia keluar ke bandar.. semuanya habis digunakan untuk menghias rumah, bersedekah, & memuaskan hati anak bongsunya, adikku di restoran2 fast food..

3 tahun.....sekejap sahaja masa berlalu...tetapi, hanya Allah Maha Mengetahui, apa yang terbaik untuk ibuku..Dia yang lebih tahu di mana ibuku akan lebih bahagia..Dia tak mahu melihat hamba-Nya menderita berada di dunia-Nya..

Amni rindukan mak... semoga mak di sisi orang2 yang beriman..amin..

Monday, June 13, 2011

~Words of the day~

Even though I can’t be the best person in the world for him,
but to give my all to the person I love,
I really like myself like this.

sources: I forgot..

1 universe, 8 planets, 192 countries, 180497 islands, 85 seas, 7 billion people. I'm still single.
sources: from Anonymous (from my cousin's FB status)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nothing is free~~~

This week will be my last week here at Puncak Alam, as a student..if everything goes well, all of us will be graduating this November..Some of my friends already have a part-time job as a physiotherapist, and some may be working part-time at other places.. What about me?? I was too idle to send my resume, go for interviews and search for a part-time job.. what I've been  doing is spending my $$$$, which is not my usual self..I was known very well by my family members as a stingy person, hard to spend on expensive food or things..
Like I mentioned here, nothing is free in this world (well, mostly)...Even if you wanna make a fraud, it may cost you a few dollars and effort to do it..
 I was craving for macaron last month, and spend the whole day to search for the shop..Not many bakery shops here in Malaysia sell macaron ..I bought 4 macarons and that has already cost me a lot.. I thought that I can eat it for at least once a month, but I changed my mind because of the price..

After those sweet macarons, now I wanna buy a new watch..This time, I'm not gonna buy a cheap one because it won't last for more than 2-3 months..I was too afraid to buy a watch that cost more than RM10 because a clumsy and forgetful person like me is not capable of taking care my own things.. 

 Now I feel like I wanna buy swatch brand~~~if I do have enough money to buy one, but I don't think so.. I just need to get a job first to buy one...
wish me luck~~

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Words of the day~

Around here, however, 
we don’t look backwards for very long
We keep moving forward, 
opening up new doors and doing new things, 
because we’re curious…
and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Title: Gosenshi (Music Sheets)
Author: hidaka_yuushi
Rating : G
Length : One shot
Summary : They are Dong Bang Shin Ki. They are just like the five lines making up the music sheets, seemingly unconnected but in reality they are bound tight together to each other

This story is inspired from the recent interview where Yoochun had mentioned that this song reminded him of Junsu's smile, and from another interview in Japan where the person commented that the five of them are just like the five lines in the music sheet. When I read the lyrics, I feel that the words simply just describe the boys, especially right now, when everything seems like a mess.

Music sheet (GOSENSHI)
Dong Bang Shin Ki is a set of music sheets. 5 sets of separated different lines, seems to be unconnected to each other but bounded together nonetheless… and nothing else can change that.
Hana no iro kaze ni yurete
Bokura ni melody kureru you ni
Hikouki gumo nagame nagara
Gosenshi no youna, kono michi aruiteku
Utagoe mo nagareteru
The colors of the flowers sway to the wind
Giving to us its melody
While watching the trail of vapor from an airplane
We walk this path like a music sheet
With our singing voices flowing
Yunho is the bottom line of the Gosenshi. The leader, the base and the foundation of the band whom anyone can rely on, whether to share joy, anger or sadness. The one who bear everything the greatest and the one who had swallowed his tears in silence the most. He is the one whom everyone needs to constantly remember to dote back upon… It is always too easy to forget that he is as fragile as the rest of them, but well, that was why Jaejoong is there, to make sure each of the members received equal amount of love and attention from each other.
Jaejoong is the next in line. As the caretaker of the group, he in another much needed foundation in ensuring them staying upright and strong. Taking care of the group in the opposite way of Yunho, trough his naggings, through his cooking, through his worrying, or even through his dorkiness, his unique personality is something that DBSK certainly can’t live without. It just does not seem right for a family without the ‘Umma’ of the band, no matter how much the other man despises the title. While at one end, he needs the strong shoulder of the band leader to fall upon when everything is just too great to handle on his own, at the other end the rest of his dongsaengs are the one who fire up his dreams and his hopes. Junsu’s laughter, Yoochun’s hugs and Changmin’s grins are the ones that remind him to always be strong to protect them, the babies of the groups.
Changmin is the level-headed magnae in the group. Staying as the middle of the line, he pulls his hyungs back to the earth when all four of them start to fly out of this earth. As the same time, he is the one who is always being doted on, never get left out in anything that the rest of the members do despite what it looked like on screen. That is why he is in the middle… so that he will still be cradled and babied by the rest of his hyungs, because no matter how snarky, bossy, and evil he is, he is still the magnae dongsaeng in Dong Bang family.
Second from the top is the poet and the dreamer of the family, Yoochunnie. Easy to showcase his feelings and moods to the whole world and sometimes even let his temper loose wildly, most of the time he still takes the comfort of not being at the spotlight, letting Yunho, Junsu or Jaejoong hogging all the attention themselves while he shields himself behind them. He relies on the four others to carry him and his dreams forward. Sometimes he lets his childishness ran wild when he is with Junsu, his gentleness embraces Jaejoong when the older man is sharing his pains with him, his thoughtfulness comes forward when Yunho just can’t hide his stress and burden inside and his tenderness shows when he welcomes Changmin into one of his hugs, ones that Changmin could tolerate.
The top of the line is Junsu, the one who bathes under the spotlight the most and the one who relishes in it… even looks forward for it, although unconsciously. He captures attentions through his smile, his voice, his gags, his laughter…and he sweeps the rest of the members up together with him, bringing joys and laughter to the other four, especially the magnae ‘Changminnie’ and leader-sshi ‘Yunnie’ who often presents their serious, official sides to rest of the world. He hates showing his weakness, preferring to hide until he finds back his shining brightness. But the rest of the members, instead of letting him struggle alone, they dig him out of his shell and help him to shed his bad mood and found back his happiness, they take turn to put smiles on that dolphin face again.
Sukoshi hayai hansode mo shibafu no kouen nara
Sora wo kakeru shounen ni bokura wo kaesu kara
When in short-sleeves and in a lawn of a park
We're brought back as boys who soar through the sky

Their first memory of each other was when they were still the geeky, naïve, young trainee boys with weird hairstyle, baggy clothes and shy smiles. From the hesitant grins thrown at each other when they had no choice but to entrust each other with the precious dreams that each of them held, to the fierce supporting hugs and tight hand-holds when they finally soared up to be the biggest star of ASIA.
Hora yoso ni shita tsuki ni dareka ga hashiridasu to
Sugu oikakete yuku yo otona no furi shite te mo dame sa

Hey, if someone starts running towards some place underneath the moon
Go and chase it right away; it's something that adults are hopeless with

Their dreams seemed impossible and too far-fetched.
Becoming an Asia Star, climbing up from the bottom again in Japan to hold their concert in Budoukan, Winning consecutive first times in Oricon chart, Winning the best album in Korea despite their long absence, having a concert in Tokyo Dome, receiving so much love from their biggest fanclub in the world…
But they never give up from holding on to any kinds of dream, no matter how impossible it may look.. because they know that they are never alone… they always have five of them no matter what happen.
And look! Their impossible dreams had one by one came true…
Kuchizusamu uta mo itsuka
Kimochi wa hitotsu ni kasanari au
Asu no kaze ni fukare nagara
Gosenshi no youna, kono michi aruiteku
Aozora mo tsuzuiteru
Someday along with this song that we've been humming
Our feelings would pile-up into one
And while tomorrow's wind blows
We walk this path like a music sheet
With the blue sky continuing to stretch on

Kumo wa katachi kawattemo kumo ni kawari nakute
Sore wa ikiru boku tachi to doko ka niteiru yo ne
Even if the clouds change shape or even if the clouds don't and stay that way
Between that and us who carry on living, we would be somewhat alike, right?
Kitto tsurai toki soba de isshou ni nageku yori mo
Zutto matte ite kureru dare yori boku no mikata da yo ne
More than the ones with me during those truly painful moments and those that joined me in sadness,
Those that were always waiting for me, who else other than them could all the more be my friends?

They know… that no matter what had, is or will happen, at the end of the road, the five of them will still be there at the end. No matter who left them in sadness, or joined them in happiness, or commenting, praising, criticizing on their decisions, trying to understand them better, analyzing them, advising them… all of those don’t matter… as the one that will be at the end will still be the five of them, holding on and supporting each other.
Arigatou, kimi ni aete
Norikoeru tsuyosa oboete yuku
Hitori jyanaku hitori hitori
Gosenshi no youna, kono michi aruiteku
Tonari ni wa kimi ga iru
I'm thankful, because I met you
I continue remembering the power to succeed
We're not all alone, just one at a time
We walk this path like a music sheet
And you are by my side

Even if the rest of the world doubts them right now, even if they look like they are on different sides, even if they look like they are tearing apart, being divided, alone… beyond the sight of the unknowing people, the invisible thread that bounded them together is still as strong as ever. Their faith is unwavering on each other because they believe that the others are always on their sides.
Kitto jyu nengo nante dare ni mo wakaranakute
Demo atsumareba sugo ni hansode no shounen ni nareru
Without doubt, even after 10 years still, nobody would understand
But if we come together immediately we'll be used to becoming boys in short sleeves (again)
And DBSK is a place that they can always call home, where they can shed their mask of lies, of smiles, of happiness, of politeness and just free their soul. It’s where they can relieve their childishness, genuine laughter, stupidity… and be free.
Hana no iro kaze ni yurete
Bokura ni melody kureru you ni
Hikouki gumo nagame nagara
Gosenshi no youna, kono michi aruiteku
The colors of the flowers sway to the wind
Giving to us its melody
While watching the trail of vapor from an airplane
We walk this path like a music sheet
Kata ame na uta mo itsuka
Kimochi wa hitotsu ni kasanari au
Asu no kaze ni fukare nagara
Gosenshi no youna, kono michi aruiteku
Aozora mo tsuzuiteru
Someday even this song, like candy,
Our feelings would harden into one
And while tomorrow's wind blows
We walk this path like a music sheet
With the blue sky continuing to stretch on

Tonari ni wa kimi ga iru
Utagoe mo nagareteru
You are by my side
With our singing voices flowing

 As long as they have each other, their songs will never be gone.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fools' Day--- I Hate it...

Hari ni 1 April 2011...dengan itu banyak laa manusia2 dok menyambut "April Fool Day", pakat dok kenakan org ramai...!!! tapi yg biasa kenakan org tu, hari ni bukanlah hari yg istimewa sgt bagi diaorg sbb dah biasa...  Macam aku, bab2 kenakan org ni aku suka (biasa2 je, bukan teruk pun), puas hati aku...kalau hr tu mood x baik, rasa gembira lepas kenakan benda2 mcm ni aku sedar mmg x baik, sbb x pasal2 kita yg kena balik, x pun anak2 kita ikut'uzubillah, bab ni aku risau bila waktu mengandung nnt..
Aku suka kenakan org, tp paling x suka kalau org kenakan aku...Jarang kawan2 kenakan aku sbb diaorg baik...Kesian dpt kawan mcm aku...

Tibanya setiap 1 April, bukannya April Fool yg kami sekeluarga nanti-nantikan..1 April ni merupakan hari istimewa kedua-dua ayah & mak kami..Siapa sangka 2-2 sambut Hari Lahir sama2, senang nak ingat...Walaupun tarikh lahir sebenar mak aku bukanlah 1 April, tp dah surat beranak tulis mcm tu, sambut ajaa~~..dan kerana tarikh lahir ni jgk lah, mereka bertemu jodoh..Semuanya bermula pabila ayah aku meminta kawan dia cari seorg gadis yg sama tarikh lahir dgn dia (demand gak coach Irfan nih).. Kebetulan diaorg sama2 masuk kejohanan sukan kebangsaan/antarabangsa..Ayah aku wakil bolasepak, mak aku plak wakil Hoki perempuan..
inilah teori salasilah keluarga kami..

Tapi ada 1 kelemahan pada sesiapa yg mempunyai tarikh lahir 1 April..Pernah dulu mak aku cerita masa dia cikgu di Sekolah ~*%#@*)(??&%~ , disebabkan ayah aku tgh bekerja di KL, jd mak aku nak buat jamuan kecil-kecilan kat sekolah dgn 3-4org kawan dia...Kawan2 dia angguk je la tanda setuju... Mak aku pulun masak bihun & etc., bawak ke sekolah...Masa waktu rehat, mak aku hairan, "apsal kawan2 aku xde ni..?".. Rupa-rupanya diaorg dh mkn kat kafeteria.. mak aku tanya la, "apsal dh makan, kan dh ckp nk bwk mknan dr rumah"... Mak aku bengang dgn jawapan pra-matang kwn2 dia, "Laaa, hari lahir awk betul ke, saya ingat awak nk buat April Fool kat ktorg"... *_*... Sape x bengang!! Terus mak aku membebel, "Masya-Allah, kita ni dh tua, buat apa la nak sambut April Fool mcm budak2".... Tp elok jgak, rezeki kami adik-beradik dpt mkn makanan sedap hr tu yg mak bwk balik... Bihun goreng yang paling sedap!!!
Pengajaran, x perlu la percaya @ sambut Hari April Fool, rezeki lari ada laa..
*bahasa Kelate diterjemahkan ke bahasa mudah difahami..

Lagi satu, kalau lambat ucap 'Selamat Hari Lahir' kat ayah, mesti dia akan telefon ktorg, dan kecik hati yg ktorg dh lupa Hari Lahir dia...sbb tu semua set reminder pasal Hari Lahir dia...
Apa2 pun, Selamat Hari Lahir yg ke-60 ayah...tahun dpn dah blh pencen..

Forever Love
I'm kinda miss my mom a lot today...If she is still here today, she is now 57 years-old..We miss your laughter, your nagging, & everything about you Mak..No matter where you are right now Mak, may Allah bless your soul ~~

Monday, March 28, 2011

Words of the day~

~What you do with your real life is really just one half of the equation
~The other half, the more important half really,  
~is who you’re with when you are doing it.

Remember that no matter how successful or how great a person is, he is nothing without their beloved one beside him..Cherish your family, & love them..Your family and friends are your greatest treasure.. Soon or later you will still return to your family or friends when you have problems..

I guess I need to contact my father and my step-mother more...They are getting old, both only have 'one leg & one arm'...It seems that I didn't treat them like the way I should do...  
From the bottom of my heart, a thousand apologies ~father~, ~auntie~..